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Jacky Tsai came to fame as a young artist when his Floral Skull series was extensively used by Alexander McQueen. Incorporating Jacky’s work into the D1 gin brand was the idea of D1’s founder, Dominic Limbrey.
21st Century Brands’ task was to combine Floral Skull with a Union Jack and create a super-premium spirits brand with authority and authenticity.
Product recipe, brand strategy, brand identity, graphic packaging design, writing and tone of voice.
Focusing on luxury consumers in the emerging Chinese and ASEAN white spirits market, we developed a brand strategy based on the daring attitude of British couture. This created the foundations for a gin with the credibility of a premium international spirits brand and the flair to engage with a new target audience.

“At the outset our brand was a collection of image concepts that we needed to form into a recognisable identity. 21st Century Brands brought expertise and a structured process to challenge our ideas and bring these elements together into a high impact brand identity, that is category defining, individual and differentiated from our competition.
It has allowed us to communicate our brand story through our bottle in such a way that is a perfect balance of traditional, contemporary and daring, not seen before in our category. The result has enabled us to stand out from our peers in ways we’d not thought possible. Working with 21st Century Brands has been a fantastic investment in our business and brand.”

Dominic Limbrey, CEO, D.J. Limbrey Distilling Company